Mind maps FTW

I have recently come to realize that I just love mind maps. Paper and pen doesn’t work well for me for drawing mind maps due to high refactoring costs and there’s always the limitation on canvas size.
Currently I’m reading The Agile Samurai book and d…

The Agile Samurai

The Agile Samurai

The mailman had dropped me a copy of The Agile Samurai. Interesting book and laughing out loud for “Unrealistic plan -> Miracle -> Working software” graphic. Just skimmed through the book and it’s just what I was looking for. Can’t wait for the weekend!


Apple knows how to design user interfaces so that you are hooked. Let’s take iCloud setup on Mac OS X for example.
I was figuring out how it works and taking it to use for the first time. The iCloud preference dialog stated there was 5 GB available an…