Sunday morning


Hello, I'm back

True to the Terminator quote, I’ll be back, I am now back at the gym after a couple weeks break.

Today’s session included

  • treadmill
  • pulldown
  • cable crossover fly
  • seated row
  • bicep curls
  • back extensions with a weight

Man it felt good!

I still haven’t found the right format keeping track of my exercises. I want something easy, open and where I can input either a short or a detailed entry. I guess the search will continue until I write my own software for it.


I think they might be up to something


I guess they are finally starting to build Amalia:


Happy to read and write

Venkat Subramaniam noted a book called On Writing Well at Scan Agile. It is William Zissner’s 30 year old classic on the fine art and craft of writing – a useful book for writers and coders alike. While I am still on the first chapters of On Writing Well, it has made me think. Considering how I am surrounded by relatively smart and talented people, how come I don’t see them writing anything?

Please, write. Write a blog.

The rant

Most of my friends place several characters next to each other on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. They press few keys here and there to produce “Monday again”. But does the output have any content or is it noise? If it’s noise then can the act of producing it be called writing?

The definition of content is of course subjective and contextual. In this case I consider it to be thoughts, ideas and opinions. But when you have a culture of sharing without putting a thought into it what does it give you?

This is not the first time I am ranting about social networks. I have both liked and disliked them for a long time. I even admit that I am not innocent of this useless sharing frenzy. I am going to share this piece of text on Facebook and Twitter.

Social networks are not all bad. They have their place, but they should not replace writing.

The motivation

I am motivated by couple of things to tell you to write a blog.

First, I want to hear from you. As a reader of this blog there is a good chance we know each other and I am always interested to hear thoughts from my friends.

Secondly, as a medium of conveying thoughts blogs work perfectly. Blogs tend to encourage putting more effort in to posts compared to social networks because of the illusion that social networks are private – being openly public gives you more pressure to perform. More thinking is beneficial to both of us.

Together with an application like Reeder a collection of blogs becomes extremely pleasant to read. Another upside is that blogs are not behind a walled garden.

Next steps

I challenge you to go to or and create a blog.


Reply with a link.


Chrome address bar autocompletes localhost:80 to localhost:9000

Writing localhost:80 gives me localhost:9000! That’s nice.