How to pack in 5 minutes

Packing in five minutes not only takes skills but it takes a lot of preparation and organizing skills. To cut it, it takes practice, practice and practice. Learn the following guidelines by heart and you will succeed.

  1. Get your house in order so you know exactly where everything is.

  2. The more you can keep things prepacked, from toothbrush to clothes, the more you will be able to take with you.

  3. Write down a list of things you will take with you in the order of packing. Memorize the list.

  4. The night before, go through the packing routine by packing and unpacking everything.

Or just do what I do. Stay up late and leave in helluva hurry. In the rush you are sure to wake up and take only the most vital stuff with you. Prioritization comes natural. Trust me, it works. I have been doing it for years.

Pack light, live long. And prosper.

Photo by Kit Logan, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0