Coached with Results Session 1

This morning I took a step out of the comfort zone and let myself to be evaluated. Not by somebody else but by me. I had to ask myself: how do I want to improve and change myself? I was entering the realm of Results, a coaching methodology.

A friend of mine is in to coaching and he asked me as his guinea pig customer for 12 sessions. Considering the price tag of 0 euros and the potentially high benefits from being coached, the decision to answer yes and commit to it was a no-brainer. The first session comprised mining areas of improvement or change, deriving three main goals and polishing the outcome to have a clear significant goal.

I found the mining of improvement areas part actually quite hard. I wasn’t probably awake enough and didn’t have that free-flowing mind state yet. The second part of deriving goals went smoother and my coach did have good questions to help the process. The third part of nailing the goal to a sentence revealed how “zen” goal was easy to form, “power fist” did take a bit more work and for “=>” definitely requires more work to inspire.

My goals using a personal and obscure to others icons.

The first session took more time than allocated, 1 hour and 45 minutes in total. I didn’t set any particular expectations or prepare beforehand and I felt positively surprised how much we were able to carry out.

The second coaching session is on next week.


I'm loving it

The best way to start a morning is to do hot yoga. It not only helps with back problems but also freshens the mind as well. Getting up at 6:00 can be hard when you are accustomed to wakeup at 8:30, but it really is worth it! I dare you to try it.


Hot Yoga

Original photo by Loving earth @Flickr under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

I am lucky to prove “old habits die hard” phrase to be true. Today I revived my old habit of going to yoga classes. It was the first time I attended a hot yoga class and wow, the 90 minutes of sweating and doing yoga poses in the 38C room were amazing. I’m loving it. Checkout Yoga Nordic‘s pages and come along!