Coaching 2012

Back in June 2012 I wrote about Results coaching and session one. Six months later Jussi Hölttä coached the final twelfth session.

Forming the main goals turned out to be hard. We first started with three
goals out of which one was quickly dropped due to lack of content. Somewhere
along the line it melded with the second one. Kudos here goes to
Jussi who helped to coin what the goal was really about.

Sessions 3-8 were probably the toughest ones as deliberate repetition with over optimistic goals was kicking in the nuts. That however made me learn something of myself: mindlessly pushing doesn’t get results that I want. Know your goals. Leaving some tasks aside for a while created some insights.

Now after two months of the last session, I can start to see effects on a more
abstract level.

I really value Jussi and his remarkable life coaching. It was worth the money
and much more.

The facts

  • 12 sessions
  • countless insights
  • new way to look at myself

Hot Yoga is hot

As I’m leaving from a 90 min hot yoga class by Katja Koivisto, I can’t help but to recommend her classes. She has a clear voice just like her instructions and the pace was comfortably fast – 50 asanas. Recently I’ve was in a class which resembled more deep streching than yoga, so this one was very much in order.

Yoga Nordic has a 35€ / week offer. Try it.


iOS Storyboards – stay away from them.