There are thousands of iPhone developers writing code to App Store and my code isn’t a stranger to it either. Yet, there is still something special on writing the code from ground up by yourself. Meet Discores.
Discores is a disc golf score taking application. Main focus is on the functional and beautiful user interface designed by Masaichi Ikeda. Take scores, see your history and share. Exceptional Android version is developed by Jari Pääkkö. We are the Discores Team.
Discores – Make your mark.
Update: Unfortunately I haven’t had the time to give Discores enough love, so it is no longer available at the App Store.


Neighboring buildings

The neighboring buildings are nearing their completion after over a year of piling. I wonder if they will add the same kind of color spots to the balconies as in Sellon Huippu. It’s a nice attempt to add color but it looks like an afterthought.



This morning my Kindle Paperwhite arrived and I like it. Despite that it has “an experimental browser”, the lack of notifications and other distractions feels soothing. The display is not perfect: at least the upper part of the display has imperfect faded letters and lower left corner lights seem “leaking”.
Still, I prefer reading from it over iPad and regular book.
Kudos to @vpeurala for mentioning the book “Understanding Other People: The Five Secrets to Human Behavior“.


Summer of Yoga started today

Late and a very sweaty start for my summer of yoga. Only 30 degrees Celsius compared to the normal of 38 degrees at the studio, but with the humidity nearing 60% you couldn’t escape the feeling of clothing just sticking to you. And in a way it was a good feeling, a reminder of that I’m accomplishing something.

lyn tally / CC license lyn tally / CC license