Reaktor Dev Day '14

What a Friday at the Reaktor Dev Day! Erik Meijer had a excellent wake up call for developers, Steven Robertson from Youtube enlightened us about video codecs and it was so much fun chatting with Scott Chacon, one of GitHub founders, at the after after party. Saara Aalto and Petteri Sariola also did a cover of Extract Method’s The Culling!

Life Tech

Habitare '14

Habitare fair had an interesting installation from

Still running around the house to create the perfect mood?
You don’t have to do that anymore. Get, and control your lights like a boss. Setup in no time, works with your existing lights. It’s in your phone, tablet and desktop. And oh, wireless, battery-free buttons.


Swift: mix and match

I’ve been putting off learning Swift for a while. While as a language it is a leap forward from Objective-C, jumping to the Swift wagon from day one wasn’t on my agenda. I wrote Bitenotes with the design from Masaichi Ikeda in Objective-C just to get it to the App Store as early as possible. Hence, I know have a small codebase which I could rewrite from scratch in Swift couple of days but as an exercise I’ll do it incrementally.
I started off with the parser and serializer. Aside from being an interesting learning experience, there was one gotcha: in the Project -> Build Settings -> Packaging, Defines Module was No and Product Module was not defined. That meant that the Xcode generated Swift to Objective-C header file wasn’t being generated.


HelsinkiOS meetup

There’s an Apple developer meet-up coming in couple of weeks in Helsinki. I hope to see you there!
All about iOS and Cocoa, and maybe some Swift!
Monday, September 29, 2014 6:00 PM
See more of the event and take also look at the HelsinkiOS Facebook page.



Last weekend I was in Amsterdam for the first time. It’s a beautiful city and I really appreciate the company I experienced it with.