SMS Home Routing in Finland

Inspired by Tobias Engel’s and Karsten Nohl’s talks about mobile security, I asked from the three major Finnish teleoperators if they had SMS Home Routing implemented. With SMS Home Routing the SMS messages are delivered via a router in subscriber’s home network thus limiting the visibility of subscriber’s information within SS7. In short, your location is harder to find out.
Here’s what Sonera, Elisa and DNA said.

Käyttääköhän suomalaiset operaattorit SMS Home Routingia? #ss7 @Sonera_palvelu @ElisaOyj @DNA_fi

@tommiasiala No niin, ja kyllähän se ainakin meillä käytössä on! 🙂 // Katja @ElisaOyj @DNA_fi

@tommiasiala @Sonera_palvelu @DNA_fi On käytössä myös meillä. Terveisin Noora viestinnästä

@tommiasiala Meillä ei tuota ole tällä hetkellä käytössä. Viesti on kuitenkin välitetty eteenpäin. 🙂 #DNA_fi @Sonera_palvelu @ElisaOyj

So, that’s two out of three – not bad. Thanks for the fast responses Katja, Noora and DNA! 🙂


SS7: Locate. Track. Manipulate.

Tobias Engel: SS7: Locate. Track. Manipulate.

Companies are now selling the ability to track your phone number whereever you go. With a precision of up to 50 meters, detailed movement profiles can be compiled by somebody from the other side of the world without you ever knowing about it. But that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Take a look at that video. You’ll be amazed how insecure our phone networks are.


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Winter solstice and Neal deGrasse Tyson

Funny how today on winter solstice has been one of the brightest days during this winter. Not only sun shined on Espoo but it also snowed bringing us a white ground!
Lately I’ve been watching Neal deGrasse Tyson videos on YouTube. Following video is one of the many interesting Neal Tyson videos, this time interviewed by Stephen Colbert. Also, check Cosmos: a SpaceTime Odessey.

Photo by Thomas Lunabba  (CC BY 2.0)

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