Headspace pricing

Headspace advertises itself as a gym membership for your mind. I believe it is true in the sense that people attend Headspace sessions for a short period beginning of the year and then end paying for nothing.
Oh well, I do have a gym membership, so I decided to looked at the prices of Headspace as well. The yearly subscription on the web is 71,88 euros and on the iOS it’s 84,99 euros. There is a considerable 13 euros difference. Apple does take a cut on the 84,99 euros that is more than 25 euros. It would be nice to know the logic behind that price difference. Is it calculated from the real costs of doing subscription business on iOS or from a guesstimate that you can have higher prices on iOS compared to web without affecting sales?
Would you happen to have Android device to check the prices from on that platform and leave a comment below? That would be great. At the same time check out the ten free sessions, I bet they are worth your while.

Headspace pricing on web

Headspace pricing on iOS

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