Spotify’s engineering culture

Henrik Kniberg from Spotify wrote an excellent piece of how Spotify as a engineering company works. They have what I kind consider as best practises of software development at the moment.

To whet your appetite, here’s few quotes that resonate well for me

Value delivery > Plan fulfilment

At the end of the day, culture in any organisation, is really just the sum of everyone’s attitudes and actions.

Alignment enables autonomy


Drawings available at the original post.

Habitare ’14

Habitare fair had an interesting installation from

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Swift: mix and match

I’ve been putting off learning Swift for a while. While as a language it is a leap forward from Objective-C, jumping to the Swift wagon from day one wasn’t on my agenda. I wrote Bitenotes with the design from Masaichi Ikeda in Objective-C just to get it to the App Store as early as possible. Hence, I know have a small codebase which I could rewrite from scratch in Swift couple of days but as an exercise I’ll do it incrementally.

I started off with the parser and serializer. Aside from being an interesting learning experience, there was one gotcha: in the Project -> Build Settings -> Packaging, Defines Module was No and Product Module was not defined. That meant that the Xcode generated Swift to Objective-C header file wasn’t being generated.