The Joy of Riding an E-Bike

I had eyed on e-bikes for couple of years, but at the same time I hadn’t seriously considered of buying one. Now, as I wanted to get a bike with more upright posture and after doing some market research, I decided to purchase an e-bike in June. I’m glad I did.

Riding an e-bike has lot of upsides. I can get to the office without sweating and I can do longer runs much more often than I could with a regular bicycle. In practice I ride a lot more than I have ever ridden a bicycle and it has replaced public transportation for me.

The biggest realization came after a month or so use.

Cycling can be pure leisure.

Cycling can be just about enjoying the nature and as effortless as a walk in a park. Electronic assistance allows you to choose between hard exercise and leisure while keeping the experience of relatively fast changing scenery.


Keskuspuisto, Helsinki



There are thousands of iPhone developers writing code to App Store and my code isn’t a stranger to it either. Yet, there is still something special on writing the code from ground up by yourself. Meet Discores.
Discores is a disc golf score taking application. Main focus is on the functional and beautiful user interface designed by Masaichi Ikeda. Take scores, see your history and share. Exceptional Android version is developed by Jari Pääkkö. We are the Discores Team.
Discores – Make your mark.
Update: Unfortunately I haven’t had the time to give Discores enough love, so it is no longer available at the App Store.


Hello, I'm back

True to the Terminator quote, I’ll be back, I am now back at the gym after a couple weeks break.

Today’s session included

  • treadmill
  • pulldown
  • cable crossover fly
  • seated row
  • bicep curls
  • back extensions with a weight

Man it felt good!

I still haven’t found the right format keeping track of my exercises. I want something easy, open and where I can input either a short or a detailed entry. I guess the search will continue until I write my own software for it.


I think they might be up to something


I guess they are finally starting to build Amalia: