There are thousands of iPhone developers writing code to App Store and my code isn’t a stranger to it either. Yet, there is still something special on writing the code from ground up by yourself. Meet Discores. Discores is a disc golf score taking application. Main focus is on the functional and beautiful user interface […]

Hello, I'm back

True to the Terminator quote, I’ll be back, I am now back at the gym after a couple weeks break.
Today’s session included
cable crossover fly
seated row
bicep curls
back extensions with a weight
Man it felt good!
I still hav…

Happy to read and write

Venkat Subramaniam noted a book called On Writing Well at Scan Agile. It is William Zissner’s 30 year old classic on the fine art and craft of writing – a useful book for writers and coders alike. While I am still on the first chapters of On Writing We…