Define a problem
Alternative solutions
Narrow down
Effect the action
Review solution

DANCE system (Rose and Nicholl, 1997) and Dancer designed
by Sonkarlay Vaye from The Noun Project

Uncomfortable facts

I just got the following email from Amazon Reviews

How many stars would you give ‘Quiet Leadership’?

I’m still actively reading the Kindle version of it and Amazon knows it, so why am I getting that email now?

Companies using all the data they have on you might make you feel uncomfortable. There’s a fine line between appearing useful vs scary. You don’t want to know what they know. It won’t change the facts though.

Of course, compare to just blurting out negative feedback, a feedback sandwich is an improvement. But so is putting deck chairs in neat rows on a boat about to sink.

David Rock Quiet Leadership

Saturday Night Run

4,4 kilometers in 30 minutes. I reversed my usual route and started it out pretty fast. The climb to the kilometer mark was the hardest part but after that smooth sailing.