Apple knows how to design user interfaces so that you are hooked. Let’s take iCloud setup on Mac OS X for example.

I was figuring out how it works and taking it to use for the first time. The iCloud preference dialog stated there was 5 GB available and that my Documents & Data was selected. My first reaction was that I don’t want to sync all my Documents & Data – I was just want to figure out what this and if I could use it for syncing iPhoto.

I clicked on the Documents & Data to disable it.

“If you turn off Documents & Data, all documents stored in iCloud will be removed from this Mac.”

What are you removing from my Mac? My Documents folder?

Lesson: if the user tries to stop using your service then make vague threads about deleting user’s data to ensure loyalty.

Houston Inc. dojo

Yesterday I attended a Houston Inc dojo. It was the second dojo I have ever attended and a very well organized one. To me, the most valuable lesson was how as a team we tend to go for features instead of refactoring. Sure, everybody said afterwards that they refactor more in real life but why didn’t they do it now? The benefits of refactoring can be seen so fast, certainly in a four hour session. One of the bugs in the dojo product was caused purely by from lack of refactoring.

Refactor Mercilessly

Mentoring as a product

I watched Paul Graham’s keynote from PyCon US 2012 where he talks about replacing universities among other things. The traditional mentor model of teaching and learning in IT industry has been on surface lately. I see a gap here in Finland between mentoring in companies and some university mentoring programs which could definitely be filled.

Instead of personal trainer you would have a personal mentor regardless of your company and education. Make a product out of mentoring.

  1. Put up a company for it
  2. Get mentors to commit
  3. Provide short and long term plans
  4. ???
  5. Profit!

Where can I sign up?


Treeniblogi2 assimilation

I started writing my training blog on October 29th 2011 and tracking the user visits with Google Analytics since December (statistics shown on right). Total of 54 posts about my physical fitness. Resistance is certainly not futile but I am still assimilating the Treeniblogi2 to my renewed, WordPress and Markdown driven blog.

There are multiple reasons why I am doing this, but the biggest reason is psychological. Physical fitness is part of me.

To embrace it you have to live and breath it.

If you want to something be part of you, it can’t be something separate. To me Treeniblogi2 has filled it’s purpose as a stepping stone for keeping track of my activities and as a place for reflection. I will continue to post training entries but the format for those is yet undecided.