A summer theme

Every summer should have a theme to create happiness, motivate and excite you. This summer the theme to do exactly that for me is yoga. A theme, why not a goal you might ask? Well, goals are good when you are trying to make a certain target. And indeed, they work for me but at […]

Hot Yoga is hot

As I’m leaving from a 90 min hot yoga class by Katja Koivisto, I can’t help but to recommend her classes. She has a clear voice just like her instructions and the pace was comfortably fast – 50 asanas. Recently I’ve was in a class which resembled more deep streching than yoga, so this one was very much in order.

Yoga Nordic has a 35€ / week offer. Try it.

I'm loving it

The best way to start a morning is to do hot yoga. It not only helps with back problems but also freshens the mind as well. Getting up at 6:00 can be hard when you are accustomed to wakeup at 8:30, but it really is worth it! I dare you to try it.

Hot Yoga

Original photo by Loving earth @Flickr under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0
I am lucky to prove “old habits die hard” phrase to be true. Today I revived my old habit of going to yoga classes. It was the first time I attended a hot yoga class and wow, the 90 minute…