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The Joy of Riding an E-Bike

I had eyed on e-bikes for couple of years, but at the same time I hadn’t seriously considered of buying one. Now, as I wanted to get a bike with more upright posture and after doing some market research, I decided to purchase an e-bike in June. I’m glad I did.

Riding an e-bike has lot of upsides. I can get to the office without sweating and I can do longer runs much more often than I could with a regular bicycle. In practice I ride a lot more than I have ever ridden a bicycle and it has replaced public transportation for me.

The biggest realization came after a month or so use.

Cycling can be pure leisure.

Cycling can be just about enjoying the nature and as effortless as a walk in a park. Electronic assistance allows you to choose between hard exercise and leisure while keeping the experience of relatively fast changing scenery.